No movie is without sin.

We're Going to be at C2E2!

Hello, everyone.  Chris Atkinson here, one of the co-creators of this here YouTube channel enterprise we call Cinema Sins.  I imagine for some of you, we appear to be moving at a snail's pace when it comes to "implementing various things."  Like, for instance, writing the blog of our shiny new website, constructed by Squarespace.  And by the way, while we're here, you can hit up and get 10% off on a site you want to build.  That's a "shameless promo" for which I am tremendously ashamed.  Actually, no, I'm not--this site is pretty beautiful.

For sure, we've needed to do something extra on this site for awhile now.  I mean, there's a blog here.  We should do something.  It's just sitting there, seducing us to blog the hell out of it.  It would be wrong not to at least comment on its lingerie, even if we HAVE had a long day at work.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention we'll be at C2E2 in Chicago this Saturday, April 25.  C2E2 is Chicago's Comic and Entertainment Expo, hence the hip shorthand so we don't have to say all that.  We'll be there...along with a whole bunch of other people of whom you may have heard, including Stan Lee, who will probably cameo at our panel in order to protest all of our snide comments about his Marvel cameos.  That's just a guess.  He could be too busy being way too successful to even know who we are, much less care what we say.

Other than that, it's just a way for us to talk a whole bunch about movies, and we'll open the floor for a Q&A, and about 85% the reason this thing is happening is so you can understand that I'm not a myth.  I've been told I'm not real, which put me in quite the existential crisis.  My therapy included looking in mirrors and appearing in photographs, and after about a year of such things, I can conclude that I exist.  Take that, Descartes.

As for this blog, hopefully we can keep it rolling with Things!  Excitement! fairly frequently.  But who knows?  Sinning movies can take up a lot of time.  But we like reaching out.  Feel free to comment down below.  We'll try to answer every once in awhile when we can.