Jeremy Wrote A Book

"Even though my eyes don't work - they never have - I've been a witness to some pretty fantastic things. Some horrible, some wonderful..."

There are invisible people all around you. I'm not talking about the fantasy world of The Ables here -- I'm  talking about your world. These people are invisible because they have disabilities, and society's primary method of dealing with them mostly involves going to great lengths to never make eye contact. The narrator of this tale can't use his eyes, but as you'll soon find out, this other form of blindness is more profound. 

The heroes of this wildly inventive and unpredictable superhero epic don't want to be ignored, or pitied, or placed on a pedestal. They want what all of us want: The chance to forge their own destiny. The fictional world The Ables inhabit struggles to admit it needs its team of Special Ed heroes. But it does, and I would say our pop culture landscape (and, you know, your bookshelf) needs them even more. 

       -David Wong 

       Executive Editor of and NY Times Bestselling Author