No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 53 - Everything Is Awesome: 2014 in Film

Join SinCast for a deep and satisfying dive into a fun year in movie history, 2014! You remember 2014, right? It was all the way back before there were more than 6 Star Wars movies! 

Which will win the crown for best of the year? A toy movie that will charm you until you say "Honey, where are my pants?" A sadistic music teacher? A Cruise that can't stay dead? An unexpected Marvel hit? 

Also, the guys answer a boatload of questions about secondary villains, movie bands, underrated acting and more, all on a brand new episode of SinCast! 

* Note that there may be spoilers for some recent movies, but it's worth it, people

Also, stick around for a mini-review of Passengers with spoilers for THAT movie clearly marked. 

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