No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 52 - Dude, Where's 2016?

In honor of the new year's celebration, the SinCast crew breaks down their favorite party scenes/movies. The level of depravity is strong in this discussion, so don't miss it!

Also, join the guys for a trip through 2013, exploring space, drugs, AI relationships and everything that's not that. Which contender will take the crown of "best of the year?" A sultry Siri, or a manic Leo? How about a desperate astronaut, or a 70's sting? Find out on this very episode!

ALSO, listener questions are answered, including bar crawls, sexy characters, and best/worst career turns. Ring in 2017 with a brand new SinCast!

If you're interested in the video Gravity inspired Jeremy to make, head to:

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