No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 40 - October Sky: Talking Horror Movies

Join the SinCast crew as they welcome the guys from Modern Horrors  to discuss the current state of horror movies! From psychological scares to atmospheric impact to subsonic (!) noises, the various aspects of the genre are explored. What works? What needs to be fixed? What is Deathgasm??? 


Also, the mercurial cinematic year of 2001 is reviewed... The field is WIDE open this year! Which movie will take the top spot? An epic fellowship and a lot of walking? A manic pixie French dream girl? A charismatic, grandiose cop? Find out on a brand new episode of SinCast!


Check out Luke Rodriguez and Jacob Hopkins on THE place for horror movie news and discussion: Also check out their awesome podcast on iTunes at  


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