No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 30 - Toons, Totems, and Starkids: Movies that Make Us Think

Join CinemaSins as they talk about movies that make them think before, during and after watching. Movies can bring out  intellectual curiosity, powerful emotional responses, and sometimes even a re-evaluation of values. These are the movies discussed today, with some examples you'll see coming, and some you won't!


Also, the Best Movies of 1991 are reviewed! Will a brilliant, smooth-talking psychopath conquer a kinder, gentler cyborg psychopath? Can a visitor to Lake Winnipesaukee or a cast of Talking Fine China pull an upset? Find out on Episode 30 of SinCast!


All this plus a rousing Q&A about movie aliens that aren't the aliens from Aliens, supporting movie-stealing performances, and favorite Tarantino characters!


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