No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 25 - Superhero Genre Crossovers! Batman, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman

The CinemaSins crew discuss superhero genre crossovers (43:15 if you want to skip there)! Batman in a horror movie? Quentin Tarantino directing a comic book movie? Spider-Man in a romantic comedy? All this and more! Plus, the guys discuss the greatest movies from 1986, which had a stacked roster, including Ferris Bueller, Platoon, Aliens, and Star Trek: Save the Whales. 


The guys cover Q&A's about the most over the top movie deaths and worst films made by great directors. Also, let us know if you want to see video of SinCast! Sound off in the comments on SoundCloud or on Twitter @cinemasins. 


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