No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 22 - How the Sausage Is Made: CinemaSins on Dissecting Sins

Join the CinemaSins crew as they go through the process of how sins are conceived, birthed, and edited, using many examples of videos you've watched before, but may have wondered how they devised what ended up on the screen. This is a "peek behind the curtain" to show everyone what kinds of things are cut and how much damn thought goes into the famous "Everything Wrong With..." videos.


All this plus a review of the best movies of 1983! Will Return of the Jedi win hearts and minds with their adorable Ewoks? Will a group of astronauts take the prize? Or will someone inevitably shoot their eye out? Also in this week's Q&A, the guys list the movies they like but would not want to watch again. 


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