No movie is without sin.

SinCast - Episode 43 - Who Cares About This Stupid Election?


Join SinCast for a spirited discussion about politics in movies, where all of us Americans can escape until November 9th. Between All the Presidents Men, Election, Wag the Dog, etc., Hollywood has given us more than enough to chew on over the years. Some of it is inspirational. Some is scary. Some is downright terrifying. The guys have all of it covered!


Also, the CinemaSins crew take on a very good year in film: 2004. So much to choose from... who will win? Will it be a disgruntled writer with a wine addiction? A family of retired superheroes? A man who's fighting to keep his memory of love? Or... you know... that other big movie from this year?


Also, the guys dive back into the mailbag to cover questions about cult movies, non-dialogue moments, and recently watched team members for the apocalypse. The last one won't make sense until you listen... so check out a brand spankin' new SinCast!


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